Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I know today is supposed to be about writing, but I feel that chocolate and writing are inextricably linked, so really this post is about writing.

It is difficult to get good chocolate in the UK, especially at my local store where it's all supermarket brand or expensive stuff. I have heard tell of New Zealand shops where I can buy proper chocolate at greatly inflated prices, but first I'm trying out different UK brands to see if any are acceptable. (On a side note, I noticed the other day that there is an upstairs to the supermarket, featuring a cafe! I had noticed the travelators, and the people moving up them, but I never really properly registered them. Even though I've been past them at least once a week for the past two months.) I received some Whittakers from NZ and it has one square left, which I am saving to eat the day before my next supply arrives in London on an Airbus. Five days to go. I will also be pleased to see Disneyland Tax Girl, who is accompanying the chocolate.

I'm relatively good at typing one-handed, which is mostly due to chocolate. Eating chocolate can be a messy business, especially when you want to savour it or disassemble the different layers. Subsequently, I found it necessary to type with one hand and hold chocolate in the other. I've become so used to this that I actually tend to type with one hand more than I type with both together, which probably isn't very good for my hands. Or maybe it's a gymnastic workout - it does mean you have to skip around the keys an awful lot.

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