Sunday, October 16, 2011

Open air writing, aka distraction

And another post that didn't post itself... grrrr... Should be 5 October 2011.

It was absolutely beautiful weather last week, so I took advantage of it to sit out in the garden and attempt some writing. Unfortunately, before I did writing-writing I wanted to do some letter-writing, so that took a bit of time, and then when I finally got around to opening Scrivener I found that the beta had expired. The garden has no wi-fi, so I had to go back inside and download the new beta, and by that time it didn’t seem worth going out again.

But today (Sunday) I came out again and sat in the middle of my nice grass field that nobody ever seems to use with my laptop and Sony reader and notebook, and had another go.

Then came the squirrels.

None of them actually ventured down to the ground, to my disappointment, but they ran around in the trees and stared at me and made funny noises, a cross between chattering and quacking. I will call it quattering. It has quite a ring to it.

Pause for groan.

So it’s very pleasant out here in the balmy evening, but I haven’t done that much apart from scrutinise the treetops for squirrels and write about being distracted by squirrels.

I suppose that counts as writing, right?

Addendum: Ooh! They squeak too!

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