Sunday, November 13, 2011

Running around shooting things

I would not be good in a real-life combat situation.

I went laser tagging yesterday, which was a lot of fun, but slightly worrying to realise that, had it been real, I would have been shot around fifty times in the space of ten minutes. The game arena was quite different from the ones I've played in before, which were usually maze-like with lots of corners and dungeons and things to hide around or in. This one was open, with strategically placed pillars and boxes, and there was no way to get from one spot to another without being lasered. I got steadily braver/more foolhardy, which meant the time in which I used up my fifty lives got shorter and shorter and the 'dead, dead, dead' sound coming from my armour got steadily more annoying.

I didn't do too badly in the final tally, though - all my scores were on the positive side of zero, and at times I beat certain people who'd been playing similar games in virtual reality, which they were certain would prepare them both physically and mentally for the rigours of laser tag. Ahem.

I've been planning to go to Camden Markets, but keep getting waylaid. There is a very nice Turkish Tiffany lamp waiting there for me, and I must go and choose it. As well as get Christmas presents (it's getting closer and closer. Must send box of presents soon!!!).

Have a good week!

Update: I think I pulled a muscle in my leg while climbing through the back window of a pickup truck with a laser gun. Ow.

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