Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pizza, Shopping and Toadstools

I went on a mission to Shepherd's Bush on Saturday, for shopping and pizza. I failed, pretty much, at shopping (though I've earmarked a few things for later consideration), and trekked for ages to get special NZ pizza from Hell with chicken, cranberry and camembert. Mmmm.

There were a lot of people at the mall, being Saturday afternoon. I was in the midst of a moving crowd of people when I saw a poster in a shop window with a man digging up a giant toadstool on top of a hill.

I stopped dead. I stared. People had to move around me.

(This needs back story. When I was quite young, I went on holiday to Auckland, NZ, and slid down the side of a volcano with giant metal/concrete toadstools on top of it. I have never been able to find this particular volcano again [there are 50 volcanoes in Auckland] and everyone I ask stares at me when I talk about giant toadstools. I was beginning to think I'd imagined it.)

But there it was, in full colour on a poster in a mall in England!

I took a picture. I think everyone else thought I was weird.


  1. hmmmm... is this it?
    (wrong spelling, but...)

  2. yesss!! that's it! Everyone go and look at the toadstools.


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