Friday, May 4, 2012

Mussel Fritters

This post is dedicated to Frank, whose mussel fritters I am making tonight.

First: take two dozen mussels (or thirty-one, because that's what came in this packet. You don't seem to get live mussels in UK supermarkets, unlike NZ. These ones came all the way from Chile).

Next: chop onion to taste (I used half an onion, despite the picture. I just liked the pretty pattern the onion made on the chopping board).

Next: chop garlic to taste, and get salt and pepper.

Put it all in a bowl.

Mince (see my ingenious spatter-stopper).

Add two tablespoons self-raising flour, and two eggs. Mix together.

Fry with oil. You can see I have a fine career ahead of me in food photography.

Parsley from the garden (planted by me!).

And serve. Frank would probably not approve of the rabbit food bed on which the fritters are laid, but I thought it looked (and tasted!) quite nice.

Clean plate. Frank would approve of that.

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