Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the rules

These are made to be broken.

  1. I must have read the book representing the country
  2. The book does not have to be written by a native author, but it’s good if it is (-: It should definitely be set in the country it represents.
  3. The book may be set in an alternate version of the country. Which makes it harder to visit the places you’re reading about except in your head. Which possibly reduces air miles.
  4. Each country should only be used once. I’m considering cheating with this and possibly counting different states as different countries, but we’ll see how we go… by my count, about two thirds of native English speakers are American, so lots and lots of the books available to me will tend to be set in the United States…
  5. The category ‘YA’ may be stretched at times if I want to include a totally awesome book.
  6. I will aim to do one book a week. My goal. One book. Per week. (Apparently it helps if you write goals down and get other people to witness them.

Please don’t get offended if the book I put up for a particular country isn’t what you would have – tell me which ones I could have used! It would be great to get a set of books for each country, and I’m always happy to discover new books :-D

I foresee running out of books eventually, so feel free to suggest books you've read and loved that are set in exotic (and not so exotic) places!

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