Tuesday, September 21, 2010

technology woes

My faithful laptop is hearing its death knell. It's been at my side for four and a half years, but it won't stay on for longer than 15 minutes and its screen is held up with a piece of string. So I think it's time I let it move on to Silicon Heaven (see Red Dwarf... best line ever: 'but where do all the calculators go?').

This means that I am on the lookout for a new laptop. I'm pretty sure I've figured out which one I want (one with a great keyboard and 10'' screen), but it's about half an hour's drive away or several frustrating bus or train trips. Which brings me to my next technology woe:

My car has no foot brake. So, I will not be driving it to pick up my awesome new netbook because I'm not confident driving around using only the handbrake.

At least my phone is fixed. My accelerometer wasn't working (which meant I couldn't show off how I can play Monopoly and roll the dice by shaking the phone) but I reran a software update and it seems to have fixed it. My one victory against the tech jinx...

Anyway, this all means that I'm waiting with bated breath for my new netbook, which will solve all my problems and allow me to write blog posts to my heart's content.


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