Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book #13: England – Blade series by Tim Bowler

Yes, I finally figured out which book(s) to use for England, mostly because I found one I hadn’t read in the library and consumed it voraciously and decided it ticked all the boxes: Awesome story that I love, great rendering of setting, and being set in the right place.

Blade is a series of 8 books about a street kid named for his skill with a blade. The books are very short and addictive (I’ve always read 2 at a time), with a large dose of mystery. I’ve just finished book 5 and I’m still not sure who Blade is and who the bad guys are, although it’s starting to become clear. If you know any reluctant readers, these are probably good books for them. And for anyone else who likes an adrenaline-filled adventure and a hero with a lot of secrets.

Blade is a loner and lives in a city somewhere in England. The city is a character in itself, gritty and surprising, and Blade knows it inside-out. He’s incredibly street-smart and cold out of necessity, but as the books progress he finds himself beginning to care about things. This is a disadvantage in his eyes, but it makes his character that much more interesting and pulls you in.

The books are first person but speak directly to the reader, who Blade calls Big Eyes. Blade’s use of language reminds me of A Clockwork Orange (though it’s far, far easier to read), and you pick up Blade’s own personal dialect. Grammar sticklers might be exasperated, but the books are amazing examples of voice and vitality and probably worth reading just for that. Blade delights in showing you the city and pointing out the different people just as if you were there beside him, and even tells you off for not keeping up.

If you want something different and refreshing that won’t take you long, try these. The first is Playing Dead.

What books set in England do you like?

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