Friday, June 3, 2011

London days: flats, jobs and squirrels (or the lack of them)

It's difficult to figure out what order I should do things in. Flat (apartment) first, or job first? I've decided on both at the same time, because I figure it will be hard to get either so I should start as early as possible.

It's been a beautiful day here - blue skies and warm, with a little breeze. I took a long walk to drop off application forms and check in with employment agencies, got an iced coffee on the way and really enjoyed it. Aeroplanes were making patterns of jet trails across the sky (in London and its surrounds, there's always at least one jet trail in the sky), flowers were out and leaves were green. I love walking past the little old terraced houses with their tiny gardens, the shops nestled into hundred-year old buildings and the cars parked every which way. There was a bakery selling meringues so large you could use them as footballs. I must go back and get one some day. I've been looking out for squirrels (I love squirrels and haven't seen one in at least ten years), but no luck so far.

I feel I've had quite a productive day, with internet chores and real-world chores done. I'm having trouble remembering my new phone number (I memorised it wrong in the first place) so I have translated it into do-re-mi notation and I will see if I remember it better that way...

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