Sunday, May 29, 2011

First week London: walk along the Thames and the National Gallery. Placename dropping :)

So I’ve been in London about a week now :) It’s windy, which is surprising both to me and to the locals, and mostly cool. There was a day last week when I could wear just a t-shirt, but otherwise it’s jerseys all the way. I’m amused by the weather forecast – they don’t show cloud cover like they do in NZ, they just show rain cover. I guess if they showed cloud cover you wouldn’t be able to see the map most of the time.

I’ve finally got over jetlag – 8 hours to jump isn’t as bad as 12, but it’s still quite a bit. I have kind of figured out where north is, and now I’m into scouring the internet and the area for flats and jobs. I managed to get a simcard last week so I can phone and text people, but unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get the internet to work.

I’ve had two main expeditions into London – on the first I got off the bus at Victoria, walked along past Westminster Abbey and Big Ben and across the Thames. Obama was doing things at Westminster, so there were huge numbers of police and lots of people with cameras trying to catch a glimpse. I walked right along the South Bank (though I had to detour a bit because of construction) and passed the Globe Theatre (so want to go to something there...), then cross back over at Tower Bridge. My feet were a bit sore after that.

My second expedition was down Regent St to Piccadilly Circus, and from there to Trafalgar Square where I spent a few hours in the National Gallery. I looked around the Medieval wing and saw a sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci, but I’d forgotten my glasses so everything was a bit blurry... After that I went to see the Impressionists, because I figured you didn’t need glasses for them. Disneyland Tax Girl we need to go again when you’re here and this time I will remember my glasses!!! It’s strange coming into a room and seeing paintings, the real original ones, just hanging on the wall in front of you.

There are so many things to do in London. I’ve got to get a job and a bit of money coming in so I can spend on extras... :D

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  1. ah dem glasses do make a difference lol. Good skills moving on to the impressionists :-). I don't remember going there...must add it to the list...


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