Friday, July 15, 2011

Exciting packages and adventures with Royal Mail

Still no squirrels.

This week I've been trying to decide how I should deal with money. Should I enjoy the sights of London while I have time on my hands? Or should I hold on to every cent (um, penny) until I have more predictable, reliable work? I guess the best solution is somewhere in between. So I have home days (when I apply for jobs, and talk to lovely people on Skype) and days out, when I should really try to make the most of London.

Today was a home day. My plan: groceries, stalking jobs (not jobs in which you stalk, but jobs that are being stalked) and various other things which may have been put off until tomorrow. As I was tripping out the door with my groceries bag, I came across a (724?) form informing me that a package could not be delivered because it was TOO LARGE, and that it would be waiting for me at the sorting centre.

(This is, of course, the exciting package that was promised in the title of this post.)

I was excited. I decided to do the groceries, and then go to get the package as a reward. I know (or at least, I think I know) some of the contents: a proper potato peeler and some Whittakers Peppermint Block (yummmmm). With my proper potato peeler, I would now be able to buy potatoes, which I have put off for weeks on the logic that you cannot eat that many potatoes if you cannot peel said potatoes. Yes, I suppose I could get a scrubber and scrub the potatoes, but shhh.

I managed to do my weekly shop for under 13 pounds. Then I packed everything away and went to stand in line at the post office, until I realised (with the help of the lady in line behind me) that the post office was not the sorting centre, and that the sorting centre was some way down the road and was closing in twenty three minutes.

So I powerwalked to the sorting centre, presented my (724?) form and waited while the lady looked out the back.

"I'm sorry," she said a minute or so later. "But the driver for this hasn't come back in yet, and isn't likely to come back before we close. I can get him to drop it off tomorrow for you?"

I deflated, agreed, and wandered slowly back home in the not-quite-baking sun. Wondered why, if the driver had had the package with him, he didn't just knock on the door and present it to me? The form said it was too large. Was it the size of a fridge? A car?

I do not know. I am waiting with bated breath for this gigantic parcel. I hope it isn't too big to be delivered tomorrow....

I'd like my chocolate, please.

Update: I have my box! I lay in wait for the postman at the front door, and caught him when he went past. I am now the proud owner of FOUR potato peelers, a Whittakers Peppermint Block and a bottle of Tuimato Sauce. Also some tongs, with instructions printed on the back of the peeler packet. Not sure why.


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