Sunday, July 31, 2011

The small world of London

Today's post is mostly a collection of random observations, because this week has been a collection of random incidents. I'm getting the hang of changing tubes (I hope) and I almost know which direction is north when I get out of a tube station. Unfortunately 'almost' can mean east or west a few degrees, or sometimes south.

It's a small world. I worked with a girl yesterday who'd been a year above me at my high school, which is common enough at home but quite a coincidence on the other side of the world. I now have a fifth potato peeler, which is much sharper and more effective than the other four, and it is also blue so it matches my prized blue knife. I made a Moroccan chicken tagine for dinner, with raisins and onions and Tuimato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, and it was pretty good despite following the barest minimum of the recipe (which did not call for Tuimato sauce or Worcestershire sauce. I disagree. Everything calls for Tuimato Sauce and Worcestershire sauce). Punk Lawyer Girl would not approve of the raisins, however.

Some general London facts you may not know: The windiest place in London is the tube, most days. Buses are a flat rate wherever you want to go, so you only have to touch your Oyster card once (not twice as I did on my first bus trip, to the bemusement of the driver. I'm still bemoaning my lost £1.30...). There are foxes that live in the city - they are my next wildlife goal, as well as my future pet (I read in National Geographic about a special breeding programme in Siberia where they have mimicked the domestication of dogs with foxes!). I will have to train the foxes not to eat the flying squirrels, which I have learned are domesticable. The post office does not sell brown packing paper or writing paper, or at least my local one does not.

I think I've made friends with a nice little black cat down a few doors, but I've only seen her once so I've yet to find out if it is permanent friends or just temporary-while-you-pat-me friends. No more squirrels, though. You can be sure to be updated if there are any.

Have a good week!

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  1. The people I stayed with in Wimbledon said they often saw foxes on Tuesday evenings. I wondered a little how foxes read calendars, until I realised Wednesday was rubbish day, so they just turned up for an early scavenge...


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