Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter premiere

So. A confession. I was at the Harry Potter premiere (or at least in the general vicinity), and I did not know until yesterday.

It was 5.30. I was in Piccadilly, and my dinner of choice was Burger King - I hadn't yet had it in the UK. I searched for BK on my phone (ah, internet on your phone is a wonderful thing!) and set off in the direction of the nearest establishment.

I was almost there - could see the sign just 30 seconds walk ahead - and my way was blocked by police officers and fences. I couldn't decide if it was road works or a crime scene, but I figured out a detour and took a back street to BK, past a long line of Mercedes. BK and the area around it was packed, and it was a struggle to get to the doors, and then the lines inside. I considered going somewhere else, but it had been such a lot of effort getting there I decided to stick it out.

They'd closed off the top storey of the restaurant, and I asked the guy standing on the stairs why there were so many people. "Premiere," he said, and as I was in the West End I assumed it was a theatre premiere. Oh, I thought, Thursday is a strange night for a theatre premiere. It's usually cinema premieres on Thursdays.

Yes. Yes it is.
So I took my BK and sat in China town and ate it. It was quite good, although much more expensive than NZ. Then I walked back to Piccadilly, past the line of Mercedes and the police officers and fences and crowds upon crowds of people, and esconced myself in a bookshop for a few hours.

I didn't realise what it all was until yesterday, when someone mentioned the Harry Potter premiere on Thursday in town.
Kinda explained things...

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