Monday, January 2, 2012

The First Day of the Last Year of the World (Happy New Year everyone!)

I'm now back in London - I trudged back to my flat from the bus stop in the drizzly dark, dragging my suitcase and looking forward to spaghetti bolognese. Then I sat with my blanket and slurped noodles, watched Sherlock (which is awesome, by the way) and went to bed very tired. But, wonder of wonders, it's sunny today! Much colder than Nice, though.

My Finnish friend and I spent midnight of the New Year in la Place Masséna with thousands of other people. There was lots of champagne and cigars and low-flying fireworks (but no public display, which disappointed us both) and people casually dropping small coloured explosives and sidling off before they went bang. At midnight the floodlights pulsed and everyone cheered and wished each other bonne année and bonne santée.

I slept in on New Year's morning, but was up in time to stuff everything back into my tiny suitcase while having a French conversation with a retired lady who was going to climb the mountains of Nice. She was very helpful, correcting my grammar and giving me tips on when to use which word. After a breakfast of apricot jam on potato bread (not French bread this morning... wonder why?) I set off for le Promenade des Anglais, where I sat and read my book in the sun before I had to take the bus to the airport and then board my plane back to Londres, Angleterre.

The sun was just setting as we flew over les Alpes, so I took a few photos.

Happy New Year!

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