Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rant on situations that are too easy

Right. Tonight I was going to get a lot done and move ever closer to the end of this revision. There's so little left to go! It can't take much longer, can it?

But the scene I'm revising had other ideas. Maybe I'm being too hard on it, but I kept thinking 'no, that's not likely', or 'come on, they'd try harder than that' and so decided to rewrite. Too many things were being forced to go one way, when really the most likely action or reaction was something else that would solve all the problems in one go. But the problems have to last the entire scene.

You see my problem.

Ah the joys of rewriting. I've discovered a secret passageway (because you've got to have a secret passageway) that may or may not be integral to the scene. Now I just have to figure out how my protagonists get out of their situation without it seeming too easy. Where's the balance? I think I need to heighten my antagonist's ferociousness and limit his ranting. Or I guess I could add a fluffy white cat for him to stroke and embrace the cliche.


*seriously considers the merits of adding a fluffy white cat to the mix*

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