Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow in London and a Mean Time in Greenwich (London frophotos)

It's been a bit cold here in the past week. We had proper proper snow last Saturday night, enough to go sledding down my local hillside. I went into central London to get some pretty pictures, but they'd cleared it fast and there wasn't that much to see (much less the Thames frozen over, which I, in the back of my mind, had hoped might happen. It hasn't happened since 1814). But here are the pics anyway.
My local sledding hill
The non-frozen Thames from Westminster Bridge (though note snow on the ferry pier)
At least the pond in St James' Park was a bit frozen. Buckingham Palace through the trees in the background
Greenwich was having a Hooray for Becoming a Royal Borough Bash. Part of the Royal Naval College all lit up
That was last weekend. On Thursday night there was a bit more snow, but this snow was what I will term Perfect Slightly Fake Snow. It stuck to all the trees and grass and made everything look extremely pretty, but it did not settle on the roads. It was like someone had gone out in the middle of the night with one of those cans of fake snow and sprayed everything, but were nice enough to leave the roads and paths clear. But they did do the cars. There was a lot of snow on the cars.
Sunrise Friday morning (it snowed in the night, but the roads are clear)
On Saturday I decided I really should go and see the Greenwich Mean Line, seeing as I don't live all that far from it. There was still a lot of snow about and the skies were a beautiful blue. Very cold.
The Royal Observatory: this is where 0 degrees longitude passes through
SQUIRREL! One of a pair frolicking for the tourists (and for bits of chocolate biscuit)
My left foot is in the Western Hemisphere, my right foot is in the Eastern Hemisphere
London from the Observatory. All the way to the left is the Shard (to-be-completed tallest building), and then a bit to the right are the buildings of The City (bit burred by distance). Closer and to the right is Canary Wharf with its tall buildings, and then in the middle ground is the Queen's House and Royal Maritime Museum
Have a good week!

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