Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing update

I have finished! Well, this particular revision, anyway. I am now waiting on people to tell me if my changes have been for the better or worse (bites fingernails, tries very hard not to stalk my readers. Fails).

So what am I doing in the meantime? On to the next book, of course! I have spent an hour or so transferring my scenes into Scrivener, and now I need to input my plot on the awesome card thingies and figure out which particular inconsistencies I want to smooth out. I have had multiple plans for this book, but when I write it I keep sliding off-track, which makes for horrific continuity problems (I’m writing several parts of the book at the same time). The book does what it wants, which at times isn’t what I have planned out for it. Maybe I should just give up on planning and resign myself to being a pantser.

But then again I like planning. And it makes it easier at the end when you've had a good structure from the start...

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