Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Third Installment of 7 films in 7 days (and SNOW)

So this week I finished my 7films/7days marathon, with the only negative outcomes being buying a packet of chocolate biscuits (stupid cinema ad I saw four times) and not having 'time' to do many dishes (but my lovely flatmates are very nice like that and do my dishes for me. At which point a dishes-battle ensues to see who can do more of the others' dishes).

When I left you last, I'd seen Tintin on Friday, Puss in Boots and Coriolanus on Saturday and Hugo on Sunday. I added to my total on Monday with Sherlock Holmes and then on Tuesday, The Artist. To make it to seven movies, I saw Chronicle on Thursday. I really enjoyed seeing so many movies - I think my favourite was Hugo, followed by The Artist and Chronicle and Tintin.

Sherlock Holmes was lots of action and adventure and quips, but not as much detective work as the BBC Sherlock (which I highly recommend). It was a fun movie, and I especially liked the ending. I saw The Artist at West India Quay, and managed not to get lost this time which was nice.

The Artist is shot in black and white 3x4 aspect ratio as a silent movie (but there's music to it). I've seen a few silent movies before, but this one was interesting because the film quality was modern - no jerking or grain - and it made references to the fact it was silent (like the main character having a dream where he couldn't speak). The story is about a silent movie actor who doesn't want to move into talkies, and his young semi-protegée who speaks and does very well as the main character goes bankrupt. I was thinking to begin with 'why don't they just rerelease the silent films with dubbed voices?' but realised it's a very different way of telling a story - much, much less dialogue, a different style of acting, and a lot more resting on the visuals. I really liked it, and it has a cute dog so it was perfect.

Chronicle was creepier than I thought it would be - there's something about found-footage films that seems scary, on top of the swaying of your stomach to match the swaying of the camera. Three teenagers gain superpowers, and the film follows how they handle it (or don't handle it). It's very much worth seeing (if that's your kind of movie), and don't worry too much about the swaying camera - it gets a lot steadier halfway through, though that's when the tension starts to mount. And mount.

It's been much colder towards the end of this week, probably because we're getting the edges of the front that's sweeping across Europe and sending temperatures down to minus 30. Thankfully, the lowest I've seen it in London is minus 3. I wanted to dry some washing, and wondered if freeze-drying worked for washing. Somehow I doubt it.

This evening it BEGAN TO SNOW. I went outside. I frolicked. I took pictures from the window and discovered how hard it is to take good photos in the dark when it's snowing. Anyway, here is one of my attempts:
It's supposed to get heavy tonight, so there might be a full blanketing tomorrow :D

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