Saturday, December 17, 2011

Counting down to Christmas


Well, kind of. When I looked out the window yesterday morning, snowflakes floated past even if they melted as soon as they reached the ground. I was very excited, and wrapped up warm and ventured out to catch my bus. I got to the bottom of our steps and realised that, yes, you do need an umbrella when it's snowing, especially when the snow isn't really snow bu sleet. So I had to go back and get my umbrella.

It's definitely cold, and I'm enjoying wrapping up in my coat and boots and scarf and hat and gloves and standing staunch against the winter. This morning I stood out on the front step and sprayed my ugg boots with protector stuff, at first leaving them on the step but picking them up once I saw the spray outline of my boot. I had horrible thoughts of the spray forever staining the concrete, but it dried off and had completely disappeared five minutes later.

I returned after a sejourn to the post office in the rain, and found the dry outline of my boot on the step - the spray is waterproof, and so is visible when it rains.

I'm now considering spraying an invisible smiley face on the front step.

The holidays are getting closer... Today I bought myself a very cute brown tartan cabin-baggage size suitcase for 10 pounds, which I am very proud of, and I will take it to the nice place I am going for New Year. I will have a nice new year. (For those who have asked where I'm going, these are clues).

Now I just need to wait for real snow. I just hope it won't stop the trains and buses running, or I'll be stuck...

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