Sunday, December 4, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It's cold. Not cold enough for snow, but cold enough for me. My coat and my hat are two of my favourite items of clothing, and when I get my gloves (the pair that is winging its way towards me) the set will be complete.

Christmas lights make much more sense in the Northern Hemisphere. It gets dark at about 4pm at the moment, which seems really strange to me, but it means that all the Christmas lights are twinkling away when I walk home from work. What will happen after Christmas and New Year, though, when it's colder and there's no Christmas to look forward to? The lights will come down, we'll go back to work in the dark depths of January and there will be nothing sparkly until the sun comes out in July. Sigh. I'll just have to make a quick trip to Turkey or somewhere.

People keep telling me that, this time last year, there was snow everywhere and the tubes and the airports were closed (I heard some theory about why, in many other countries, snow does not stop the subway trains, but in London it does. Something about privatisation of some sort). I'd quite like some snow, I think - it would validate winter, and be a good chance to strut my ugg boots. I think I'll enjoy the snow for about two days and then wish I was back in New Zealand at the beach, where I feel one should be in January.

There might not be snow at all, of course. I might have to go to Scotland or Sweden or Latvia.

I might go anyway.

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