Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The End is in sight

2012 is coming!!! Gather all your canned food and hide in a bunker!

Well, actually, not that end. I'm getting near the end of my current revision, and there are just five more pieces of story glinting at me in the binder down the side of Scrivener. Five more pieces to go through with a fine-toothed comb (or else hack to pieces) and then I will be finished! Ish.

There is a temptation at this point to just go 'well, it's kind of ready enough, why don't I just leave it how it is and sit back and eat gummi bears instead?' (gummi bears are good). And then there is also the side of me saying 'you know you are a perfectionist! Give it up, it has to end some time! Why not now?' But no, I shall continue to hack my way through the jungle (the current scene I'm stuck on was only written last revision, and is proving rather thorny).

(oh! she says, looking at the back of the gummi bears packet. There are actual flavours, not just random colours!)

I will forge through, in the company of my gummi bears, with my back to the wall/radiator, and finish this revision. Then I can get back to my other works in progress...

(They put SPINACH in these gummi bears. SPINACH.)

Are you trying to finish anything and being tempted to cut a few corners?

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  1. Yes.
    Christmas cards.
    Does this one need a letter inside? If I do that one, how about this one? Going to be lots of letters and the cards will take sooo much longer... So should I write one letter and copy it for everybody? But that's a form letter, people don't like those...oh look at the time, I'll think about it again tomorrow...


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