Monday, May 23, 2011

Abu Dhabi: The Stopover

Haha! An airport that does free internet, rather than just free wireless!!! I am in Abu Dhabi, and it is 4.30 in the morning. I’m sitting by Gate 32 (my gate is Gate 29, but I went exploring and then stopped when I realised all the travelators were going away from my gate and it was going to take a while to get back) in the strong air conditioning and wondering whether I ought to sleep or not.

The flight was good – I got a window seat, though there wasn’t much to see, and watched I am Number Four. I couldn’t get a window seat on the Abu Dhabi to London leg, but it’s okay because THEY HAVE A PLANE NOSE CAMERA. Why have they never thought of this before? (Maybe they have, and I’ve just never been on a plane with one.) There is a highly limited supply of window seats on big planes, and if you don’t get one you have to sit and imagine the views going past below. But with a nose cam, you can see AND you can sit in an aisle seat where you can get out easily! Genius!

As we came in I saw some misty lights crossing in the darkness below, and my immediate thought was camels with lanterns, passing in the night (has anyone read that story about camels with traffic lights around their necks?). I guess they were cars, though.

I’m also happy because I guessed where north was, checked Google Earth to see if I was correct and I was, within about 20 degrees. And it’s dark, so no help from the sun. Maybe my sense of direction will come back to me.

There were no air bridges, so we got a bus to the terminal, standing room only. At 3am it was 29 degrees and humid, which I was glad of because the plane was very dry. I followed the crowd into the terminal and along for a while, following the signs (I thought) but after about ten minutes of walking I realised we were going to Terminal 1, and my gate is at Terminal 3. So I had to backtrack. I’m allowed a few mistakes at 3.30am. Or 11.30pm. Or 9.30am.

I really have no idea what time it is.

More Tokyo stuff soon – I’ve got to write it first :D

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  1. Oh I was going to send you a text but by the time I remembered and checked the time in Abu Dhabi, it was 9:30 and you would have (hopefully) been in the air heading to Heathrow. How much daylight did you see at Abu Dhabi? Any pics? I have a NEW PHONE (that I can nearly use now) so am able to send (slow) texts again :-)).


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