Monday, May 16, 2011

Sydney Day 7 (Saturday): Night out in Manly

Hello everybody! I thought I’d post the rest of Saturday now (so you know I’m still alive :P ). Sunday's post will be coming... I have to catch a bus into town soon, and I don’t know how long it will take at this time of day (by the way the buses are mostly amazing, coming pretty regularly and going up to 40km away – all of which I can get to on my $41/week bus ticket).

We went out to Manly Saturday night and had a great night dancing, after standing for an hour and a half in the freezing cold waiting for a taxi (we had, quite understandably, assumed that if we combined the street number on the gate and the street sign at the corner of the road, we would get our address. We were wrong). We happened across a club where Dragon was playing, and caught the last of their act including Are You Old Enough. We didn’t get to hear April Sun in Cuba though, which would have been awesome. I practised my Aussie accent, and heard a few more French people. They’re everywhere! As are the Kiwis...

Our taxi driver home was very nice and played Indian dance music all the way (with our permission).

My shortest post yet!


  1. Wow - didn't know Dragon were still alive! um...why are you practicing an Aussie accent? :-/

  2. Neither did I! I'm practising an Aussie accent so I can slip under the radar... and also to try to consciously use one accent or the other. Like Johnny Depp :D


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