Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tokyo Day 1 (half of): flight and train to Tokyo

Tokyo! I haven’t seen much of it yet because the airport is 60km from the city and I’m now waiting at an underground station for the cheap slow train (I figure I’ll be able to see more anyway if I go slow). I managed to snatch bits of sleep on the plane, in between eating teriyaki chicken and scrambled eggs and melon and watching Tangled in short gasps (enjoyable) and taking pictures of the sun as it rose at 4.30am. I think I’ve had enough sleep, though I really can’t be sure.

There weren’t many people on the plane – about one to every three seats – so I was able to spread out a bit and have two pillows. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of turbulence (e.g. 280km/hr cross-winds) so I couldn’t really take my seatbelt off. I was on the side of the plane that saw the sunrise (even if the wing was in the way of the actual sun), but didn’t get to see Tokyo or Mt Fuji as we flew in.

It seems warm here – hooray after Sydney being cold. I’m determined to use the few Japanese phrases I know as much as possible, and I’m enjoying listening to the Japanese announcements. I can’t figure out how to use the internet at the airport, so this will be sent later...

It’s now later and I did more today, but I shall tell you about it tomorrow :)

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