Friday, May 6, 2011

Dawn.... Why am I awake at dawn?

It's a quarter to seven. I've been awake since six, so in total I've had five and a half hours sleep.
Possible reasons for inability to get back to sleep: there's a tui chortling away outside in the mistaken belief that it's full morning, or the cat also believes it's morning, or maybe it's because I leave NZ in six hours and counting... (aahhh!!!).

I was going to have all my packing done by Thursday, but that didn't happen. I came back last night after a lovely dinner with my family (thank you!) to a bed with detritus piled on top of it, a suitcase with a mystery weight (our scales have decided to stop working consistently) and various open boxes. As of 6.55am, I am pretty much packed, though I don't think my parents will be fans of my packing of boxes to be left behind. I'm hoping to have three boxes sent over by ship - it started out one box but has increased to three-and-various-extra-bags-that-will-have-to-fit-in-thank-you-Mum. This is mainly because I decided to take the vast majority of my books, after previously deciding I will live entirely off my e-reader (next job this morning: take out some books so other things fit...).

I had Punk Lawyer Girl and The One who Speaks Russian on Skype as I packed last night, which was awesome and saved my sanity, and Brother Ecl hovered and asked for work while I waved my arms and jumped up and down (tell me if you want your codenames changed!!! I shall be using codenames :D).

At 12.15am someone decided to let off fireworks for an unknown reason. Dad and I went out onto the deck to watch them. They were professional ones with starbursts and everything, and pretty through the trees.

I should get up and have breakfast and repack boxes.

I do hope tornado weather is over and there won't be any surprises at the airport...


  1. Hmmmm I didn't exactly help you to get ur packing done by Thursday, but all that Singstar and Shakespeare in Love on Wednesday was so much fun! Have a safe journey!!!! Thinking of u :-) Andi

  2. That's all right, I had an awesome time anyway! And things did mostly get done. kinda.... miss you!


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