Friday, May 6, 2011

One Day To Go... + itinerary

I feel a bit like I'm clawing at every last day. Every morning this week I've woken up and double-checked the date: Wednesday (two whole days in NZ to go), Thursday (one whole day in NZ to go), Friday (this is it omg I still have soooo much to do and probably shouldn't spend time blogging...). I am currently waiting for an ID photo to print, so I have a few seconds.

My itinerary (more detail is available for those who ask!!!)

Leave NZ Saturday 7 May
Arrive Sydney 7 May
Leave Sydney 18 May
Arrive Tokyo 19 May
Leave Tokyo 22 May
Arrive London 23 May



  1. yay !! Exciting !!
    We DEFINATELY need to meet up !!
    Safe travels :D

  2. thank you!!!! yes, I will try to get over jetlag asap so I can actually be coherent when we meet up :D


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